The Honesty Room

The person that I would take into this Honesty Room, would be President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I would bring President Roosevelt here to ask him questions mostly about his life during his political career. Some questions that I would like to ask would be, what were your motives in running for president of the United States, and what had you hoped to accomplish? A follow up question to that would be, if any of those motives or goals after winning the Presidential election changed and the reasons why they changed? Or maybe questions that only the people that were ever elected president would have answers to, like any secrets of the White House etc. I would then also like to know and ask some personal questions about his life such as, did you always want to run for President of the United States. Or maybe things about his struggle with polio during the end of his life and how he coped. Overall, in this Honesty Room I would be interested to know more details and what he would say in his own words about his life.


Why music is important

I believe music is important because of how it is something that is constantly around us at all times. I myself have been around music, both playing it in my high school’s band program, as well as, listening to it whether it’s driving to someplace and jamming out with my friends or family. Music is something that starts with a simple idea and is beautifully tied together with rhythm, melody, harmony, and other styles to make it a pleasant experience. Because of it being so pleasant to listen to and enjoy, who wouldn’t want to have music a part of their life? The music that we listen to can reflect who we are personally, and our emotions that we are feeling during the day. It allows for people to also express themselves. There are musicians out there that use their musicality as a creative outlet. To have a part of them be produced into rhythm and melodies that express who they are as a person, and who they want to develop to be as a person. Overall, music is a way for one to express who they are and who they care to be.

Fight the Power!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This is an awful rule! I myself came to college not to be babysat and given a set schedule of what to do and where to be. I also don’t wanna be a prisoner somewhere where I can be myself. It sounds more of a punishment to be searched randomly with no notice as also a huge waste of time for the people involved. This feels like it also has the school suspicious of myself and other students to the point where they must monitor them at all points in the week. Again, we’re not children, but adults that have the will to make our choices knowing well the consequences of our actions. College is also a time where most people discover their passions and ¬†are usually becoming busy in their everyday lives. For example, if someone were to get up around nine in the morning and proceeded to go to class until three that afternoon then had work from five until eight or nine that evening that would give them an hour of time to visit with friends or to receive help from a peer. Therefore, this rule of a ten o’clock evening curfew is an awful idea and would just overall be a terrible if not stupid idea for Clarke to pursue.